Saturday, 26 May 2012

Well in the hope that this last attempt actually succeeded -  hello fellow bloggers......? I must admit that setting this blog up has cost me quite a lot of frustrating hours on my computer.  Must be losing my ability to follow instructions!  This is all the fault of Jazzi and her Christmas in July swap which she promoted on Minis4all.  Everyone else who signed up had a blog - not me! 
But if this has worked this time - I shall be eternally grateful Jaz. 
Now all I've got to do is make use of it.........!!


  1. Hello from Greece,'s not that difficult..this blog-thing!! and so nice to share, see and travel "around the world"!!! :)

    1. Anna - thank you for visiting.
      I hope you will come again when I have had a chance to add some more things to make my blog more interesting. Which part of Greece do you live in?

    2. Hi again! Nice to start new contacts!!! :)
      I am in Athens, living in a northern suburb! Yes, do add some is exciting to wait for that! Thank you for your interest in my blog!!!! :)

  2. Hello and welcome to blogland! I have enjoyed everything I have seen so far so keep up the good work. Like you, I have had more than my share of blogging frustration and also went to Jaz for help. Still, I have learned a few things and maybe I can help you out.
    Diane in Florida