Some SWAPS........

When I started this blog it was in order to join in
Jazzi's Christmas in July Special Swap
which she told us about on Minis4all.
Although it was an International Swap, Jazzi felt
that perhaps Postage costs might be a problem
so as Debbie and I were the only ones from the U.K.
 who signed up, she very sensibly paired us! 
Poor Debbie - my various problems got in the way of
completing the Swap by the appointed time in July!
We managed eventually to exchange our gifts
in early August!
Here are some photos of the wonderful selection
of goodies I received from Debbie. 
It really was an exciting time opening all the
beautifully wrapped little treasures.
I think my favourite was the
 Victorian Housekeeper's Chatelaine!
Really sweet and so cleverly made! 

 All my 'little treasures' plus - below.....

The Victorian Housekeeper's Chatelaine!
Very pretty little Day-bed with 2 delightful cushions,
an equally pretty rug and matching wall hanging.
and a tray just waiting to be filled with
a delicious afternoon tea!

Below, with a cute little thatched Bird Box,
A beautiful Handbag with a cherub fastening
(Think this might be an Yves St. Laurent handbag! Look at the Logo!)
a fashionable Victorian bonnet - and again my favourite,
the Housekeeper's Chatelaine!
Quite a treasure trove - dont you think?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Here are some photos of the things I made for Debbie
This is the complete swap....

'Scatter Cat' Boxed Game, Jigsaw Puzzle,
School Set and a Metamophoses Book,
the one you can make dozens of different characters with!

 3 Proper 'opening books and a
Bookshelf full of 'Pretend' Books

Rustic Garden Pond with Goldfish


  1. Oh well done you! See, you can do this blogging thing xxx

  2. Wow, what lovely gifts both given and recieved. Swaps are so much fun.

    1. Mary
      I certainly agree about swaps - a wonderful way
      to cement friendships. Thank you for joining my band of followers.
      Hugs - Annette

  3. O good God...hadn't seen these in detail! Both of you made ever so wonderful gifts!!! :)