More Quirky Collections

I have a passion for all things holographic and I call this my
Holographic Tower. I've saved every box or bag or envelope 
ever given to me with a present in it.
Quite useless and impractical but so visually pleasing!

A Small selection from my huge shell collection.
One of my many 'Collecting' passions!

Now this Collection is very hard to explain!
I do not wear earrings - and never have done!
But I pick up odd earrings on my travels - car boot sales,
charity shop oddment boxes etc.  Originally I think I
told myself they were for conversion into miniatures of 
some sort, or Dolls House accessories. Now I dont bother
to make excuses - I just like them!


  1. Hello Annette! Lovely collections you have. I'm getting the hang of this blog thing!


  2. just saw the "collections"!! why ahouldn't one collect beautiful little (or not!!) things???? it is so nice looking at them, thinking about them, remembering things!!! :)