Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back at last.........

Well after several attempts at getting back into the habit of adding
to my blog, without any success, I'm going to have another go now!
Cant believe I could have forgotten everything  I  had learned two months ago! I'm going to have to get this attempt right first time
because all my other attempts went completely wrong when I went
to 'Preview' before publishing the Post! When I tried to go back to Compose my whole Post completely disappeared!

What I'm aiming to try to do is add another page to my blog - calling it 'SWAPS' on which I can put photos of any swaps I get involved in. I got the idea from seeing Drora's photos of her Christmas in July Swap which is how I got involved with blogging in the first place. Jazzi's great idea appealed to me - she mentioned it on Minis4all - but I needed a blog, and a whole lot of help from her to set up my blog before I could get involved. And my goodness what an impact this has had on my 'Miniature' world! 

The adventures of Mini Jazzi on her World  Trip are  now keeping me on the edge of my seat every day! And how widespread her 'fame' has become is really quite amazing. Have just been reading about her Invitation to a London  Fashion Weekend - an actual Full Size Fashion show, not a Dollshouse version!   And  that comes after she has been sailing on the Aegean Sea and getting involved with Greek Dancing which may end up in the Guinness Book of Records!
I will now try to publish this - but I might just highlight-and-paste to a Word document in case it also disappears!
And just to see how much I've managed to remember....(?)
is the photo I tried to put in to enrol in Jazzi's Monday Mini Link Party!
I managed to mis-crop it - showing only the bottom of the skirt!
(I made the Chatelaine but not the Doll!)


  1. Hello :) great to hear from you again. Swaps are a fantastic way of getting to know so many people. Its also a lot of fun and a great learning progress. Good luck with your blog I hope to see a lot more of you.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Maria - Thank You! But you can see I still need to do a bit of 'tidying up'. When I type in a post it does it on a white background instead of on the proper colour-scheme background! I'm just about to have another go at correcting this!
      Hugs - Annette

  2. Welcome back Annette! So glad you enjoy blogging and getting involved in swaps. Hugs, Jazzi ps. email me if you want help with new page

    1. Jaz - Did you look at the 'Swaps' page? Hope it
      is O.K. Yes I do need help - will email you
      later cos I'd like some instructions on how to go about making all the mentions I give to other bloggers in any of my posts, into 'live' links.
      Many thanks for continuing encouragement!
      Annette xxx

  3. Welcome back - and please don't give up, you'll manage that stuff very soon. We did and so will you - feel free to ask! ;O)


  4. Welcome back!
    Swaps are fun.
    Kiss Faby

  5. Faby - Thank you for coming back! I've added so little of interest, but I am trying to improve my output even if its only on the keyboard until I get my miniature-making skills back!
    Hugs, Annette.