Friday, 14 September 2012

September 15th

Welcome to my new Followers - Ruth, Shane (got here at last!),
Jennifer and Gleise......!
I've had a lovely time to-day adding two more Giveaways to my
sidebar - Anna who is celebrating 300+ Followers and Vicky of
Lovejoy Bears who is celebrating opening her Etsy Shop. 

Shane, I notice you haven't yet been to visit Anna's blog.  With
your expertise on Libraries and her skill with books, I think you
would enjoy it.

Ruth, I got your email and your post and will follow it up soon.
Meanwhile I hope your preparations for moving go smoothly.

At a risk of losing my fairly few Followers, I'm going to pop in
another couple of 'Nature studies' as I'm still not being
particularly productive except with the camera. Certainly not

The very beautiful Red Admiral butterflies have been quite
successful this year but the Buddleia is nearly finished now so
I've started putting out rotting fruit - apples, pears, plums which
the butterflies seem to be enjoying.

The Large Red Damselfly which introduced itself to me last week
has become a regular visitor and is still very tame so I'm including
photos of her as well.  She's not the only one around - I've had
three on the table all at once, but the other two leave as soon as
I go near.  My 'tame' one is exactly the opposite. I held my hand
out as she was flying around above me and she landed on the
back of my hand! Unfortunately no one around to record this!


  1. Thanks again Annette for sharing beautiful butterflies in your garden!

  2. "loosing" a follower....who would think that, when looking at your blog and beautiful work!!!! So pretty butterflies again..i love them, such a bautiful present of nature to watch and admire! :)

  3. ..and THANK YOU for mentioning my blog!! Very sweet of you!!! :)

  4. If anyone would be so dumb to quit your blog when you're showing such beautiful pictures - who cares about such people... ;O) And about the tame damselfly landing on your hand - we believe you even without a photograph! (LOL)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Hi Annette! Love the garden photos and the little winged wonders that have visited. "All creatures great and small....." What is a butterfly bush without a butterfly and what outstanding color on its wings! Thank you Annette, for the tip about attracting them with rotting fruit, but would it attract rodents as well? I'm not so enthusiastic about them I afraid.