Small Samples added to...

A group of silver items I made mainly from reclaimed jewellery. The shell is a beautiful 'real' one and has a candle fixed into it, which isn't very obvious in the photo.  Originally I intended to make an Antique Shop but all the various elements are still waiting for the Shop to be built!

This Antique Stall was done for a Club Project where we were creating a complete Market place with each member creating a different Stall.  It is a combination of items I have made plus 'found' objects and genuine old minis. As I am also an Antiques Dealer as well as a miniaturist I found this project really lots of fun.
My Rustic Fairy House Scene. This is one of my favourite areas  to work in - natural materials. (The ultimate in 're-cycling' which I very enthusiastic about!) This little scene is constructed from poppy seed heads, slate, bark, twigs, moss, lichen, real pebbles.  I made the ferns and primroses from cold porcelain and added two beautiful handmade cold porcelain Fairies from Daniela of Micro Dolls.  The water is solid water.
A set of 24th scale accessories.
Pot of Hyacinths, Vase of dried flowers,
a GlassInkwell and quill on a gilt base,
two tiny scent bottles and a buttonhook.
Three wrapped parcels and the Books and Newspaper
I make on the computer.

The Jellies were made for a Party Scene I was doing.
I made them from the wax from Gel Candles which I used
to be able to buy. This seems to have disappeared from shops now.
The jellies are trimmed with fruit slices made from Fimo.
 I love working with Fimo and use Angie Scarr's books all the time.
And finally some of them are on 'button' plates and a couple are
 on plain little china plates.

Two More of my little Rustic scenes. The one below has a
walnut shell as a pond with little Fimo goldfish in it.
I think I may add some small creatures to these scenes
 when I get around to making some!

Two little Desk sets.
Each has an Inkstand made from re-cycled antique Mahogany
with a false drawer and a quill stand with a feather quill pen. 
Two cut glass Ink Wells - these are removeable.

To finish off - a tiny Paper knife also removeable.


  1. Very nice things for a shop.
    The rustic fairy house scene is fantastic.
    Bye Faby

    1. Hi Faby - thank you for visiting and for your nice comments. I will be adding to Small Samples on a regular basis but eventually want to set up a selling page. Need to wait a bit longer till I'm a bit more experienced!
      Hugs - Annette

  2. I just love those rustic scenes! Especially the fairy scene. It's so cute! :)

    1. Hi Ninni - Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your
      compliments. I really love to work in natural materials so the 'Rustic' scenes I do give me lots of pleasure. I have visited your blog - it is lovely, very interesting things BUT can I translate descriptions in any way.....?
      Hugs from Annette.