Saturday, 26 May 2012

Still not sure what I'm doing!  But I have just added some photos with descriptions.  Before I do any more I'm hoping I can check and see what they look like! A Small Sample......
Then I should go and try to catch up with Jaz and Debbie......


  1. I'm your first follower yay!!!

  2. Hello aabeeuk! I followed you over here from Jazzi's blog. I'd love to see some of your minis. You can find mine on my blog: Nice to meet you! Jennifer

    1. Thank you for visiting - I need some encouragement. Have visited your blog - its wonderful. I will have to keep going back there is so much to take in! I also enjoy Card making but your little characters are really so different -a brilliant tie up with the stories too. Do you then go on to making the stories into real miniature books for your dollshouses?
      I will have to work hard to try to make my blog more interesting!! Annette