Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Still experimenting folks - bear with me! At the very least I hope that a visit here leaves you laughing - even if its only at all my blunders! Having succeeded in getting a working link in my side  bar for biwubaer giveaway - but still no picture, I am now going to insert a picture into this post......

This 'Giveaway' picture
from BiWuBaren
is out of date but...
I like it too much to
delete it!
 ....... till I've published I wont know if it has worked but its looking good!

Birgit, I tried the instructions you kindly sent me but I wasnt given any opportunity to add a picture?  Obviously I must master this and
I will visit Jenny's "How To" page to-day but so far this morning I've
only managed to go and leave a comment on your Giveaway....then
another visit to your Witchtower which diverted me to Nicky's blog! 
My goodness, I couldn't believe it! At this moment in time my
particular passion is Dragons, Wizards, Skeletons and Steampunk
in any combination or setting that is crazy enough.  For me exploring
Nicky's work was like letting a chocoholic loose in Thornton's!! 

But I must now come back to some sort of reality - my two cats,
after having walked across my keyboard a couple of times
(near disaster!), made determined attempts to sit on my lap, they 
are now in the process of tying up spotted hankies on sticks and are
pulling on their walking boots - they are still waiting to be fed!! 
Be back later!


  1. Haha, take care of yourself - Nicky's work is addictive! And don't worry about the link, you found a way to help yourself... Did you visit the layout section of your blog as I suggested? Just open the gadget tool and search for the image gadget which shows a simple tree as an icon. I'm sure you'll make it easily when adding your next giveaway... ;O)


  2. Hello :) just wanted to say welcome to blog land the friendliest place on earth.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Hi Annette! I believe you asked me if my photo of Vicky's beautiful hutch in Cupcake Cottage was REALLY taken in the moonlight. Actually, no, it wasn't. I use some very natural light light bulbs to light my scenes. On that photo shoot, I thought it looked like moonlight--that's all. Here's a link to my post about the light bulbs I use, in case you're interested: I loved getting your comment and hope to see you around again! xo Jennifer

  4. Espero que encuentres muchas amigas en"esto de los blogs".
    De momento me encantaria contarme entre ellas.
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